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New to WildApricot?


Migrate to WildApricot

Migrate 1 – Move to WildApricot membership management built on a WildApricot theme.

Migrate to WildApricot & WordPress

Migrate 2 – Build a full WordPress site with WildApricot’s software.
+ Powered by:
WildApricot Press*

Migrate to WildApricot with Existing WordPress

Migrate 3 – Revamp & add WildApricot’s membership management to WordPress.
+ Powered by:
WildApricot Press*

Link to WildApricot from WordPress

Migrate 4 – Add links to an existing WordPress site to gain WildApricot’s membership management.

Already on WildApricot?


Redesign WildApricot

Redesign 1 – Refresh & update your current WildApricot site with a new ‘Look & Feel’.

Redesign WildApricot to WordPress

Redesign 2 – Redesign WildApricot with a new WordPress build.
+ Powered by:
WildApricot Press*

Integrate WildApricot to Existing WordPress

Integrate – Add member-only pages to WordPress.
+ Powered by WildApricot Press*

Reconfigure WildApricot Data

Reconfigure – Refresh WildApricot data (i.e., common/member fields, events, levels, etc.). Content revision not included

*NewPath’s WildApricot Press, a unique Add-on product, seamlessly combines WildApricot with WordPress.
Redesign, Integration and Reconfiguring packages are perfect for organization’s already using WildApricot.

Whether you’re an organization looking to migrate to WildApricot, have had a recent change of directorship, or you’ve hit a roadblock in your success trajectory, NewPath’s services are customized to your specific needs and wants. NewPath will help you reach your organization’s goal of increasing efficiency, transform the look and feel of your site, optimize membership and ease day-to-day management of your organization.

To better your experience…take advantage of NewPath’s additional services!