QuickBooks for Wild Apricot

Automate WildApricot to QuickBooks

You will save hundreds of hours per year knowing your books are always up-to-date. QuickBooks for WildApricot will help your Executive Director and Treasurer save time and reduce stress especially during year-end and before annual general meetings.

Benefits & Features

Total Automation

Schedule an automatic sync of Wild Apricot invoices and payments so QuickBooks is always up to date!

Saves Time

Your accountant or treasurer can reconcile quickly with Stripe, PayPal or WildApricot Payments so you get your books done faster.

Eliminate Manual Spreadsheets

Stop spreadsheet hell of manual conversion into IIF import files or copy and paste!

Accurate Financial Snapshots

When it is time for your Annual General Meeting, your revenue from WildApricot will be already up to date!

Reduce Operational Cost

Stop paying bookkeepers who create cumbersome procedures that only they know and lock you to their availability.

Explore Automation

QuickBooks for WildApricot uses Make.com which can expand your WildApricot system capabilities. Contact us for more details.

How it works (the project life cycle)

Are you struggling with manually exporting all your WildApricot invoices and payments into QuickBooks? Luckily, we have a solution for this huge pain.

First, we make sure that QuickBooks for WildApricot is right for your organization by having an introductory call with your accountant or treasurer.

We will then make a plan to get everything setup. We will also work with you to get access to Make.com, which powers QuickBooks for WildApricot.

Our expert support specialist will review your QuickBooks setup and configure our “Business Rules Engine” based on your unique setup to ensure data flows correctly into QuickBooks.

Testing is next! We will try different types of transactions to ensure the integration is working as expected. We will then schedule the frequency of the integration. At this point we can import any historical invoices and payments as well.

You will receive regular status reports by email, giving you the peace of mind that your invoice and payment data is updated accurately. Get QuickBooks for WildApricot and use all that saved time to grow your organization!


“The reduced stress of constant financial spreadsheet wrangling has tremendously increased my creativity.”

David A. – Plum Beach Club, Rhode Island, Treasurer

“We run a lot of large events and can now see profit/loss instantly on any event we run.”

Kim B. – Mechanical
Contractors of British Columbia, Executive Director

“We have peace-of-mind knowing a system is constantly working for us giving our team better financial visibility.”

Scott O. – Christian Community Development Association


What is the annual cost of QuickBooks for WildApricot?
The yearly support and maintenance fee is $99 USD per year. Your organization will also subscribe to the “Core” plan of Make.com at $9 USD/month.

Make.com is the automation platform that powers QuickBooks for WildApricot. NewPath configures QuickBooks for WildApricot directly in your Make.com account, and your organization has full ownership of the software.

What information is copied from WildApricot Finance module into QuickBooks?
NewPath designed QuickBooks for WildApricot to replicate the customers and financial documents (invoice, payments, donations) in WildApricot, with the bonus of automatically mapping entire invoices and/or invoice line items to different QuickBooks accounts, classes, etc. Once the data is inside QuickBooks, you can run reports that meet your business model or accounting needs. We have seen that our approach can be a challenge for administrators or treasurers who have not had the practice of bringing WildApricot customers into QuickBooks.

How long does it take to install QuickBooks for WildApricot?
Successful installations can take between 10 and 20 hours. This includes both time from our expert consultants and your time providing us configuration data and testing results.

Our installation team requires:

  • the version of QuickBooks being used (Desktop or Online, USD or CAD)
  • how your your customer information is formatted in QuickBooks
  • a “mapping” of WildApricot invoices & payments to your QuickBooks chart of accounts and classes
  • which WildApricot modules are generating invoices and payments (ie Membership Levels, Events, Online Store, Donations)
  • your QuickBooks Product Item Names and Classes
  • how often you would like to send invoices and payments into QuickBooks and
  • where status reports should be sent and archived

How are WildApricot transactions and invoices mapped to QuickBooks?
Our expert consultant will guide you through the process of identifying which parts of WildApricot are mapped into QuickBooks. We will configure the “Business Rules Engine” in QuickBooks for WildApricot, and even make recommendations as to improvements in both how your WildApricot and QuickBooks are setup.  We will also help setup some best practices, if you are new to WildApricot or QuickBooks.

Does QuickBooks for WildApricot support “accrual accounting”?
Since WildApricot uses accrual accounting, QuickBooks for WildApricot follows the same accounting principles. Accrual accounting recognizes the revenue earned at the time of sale and expenses incurred by the company. An example is the sale of an event registration, where the revenue is recorded in the books of account on the date of sale irrespective of whether payment was received at the time of the invoice or on a later date. Since payments can be with a credit card or paid later by cash or check, accrual accounting is usually the standard for associations, especially larger associations.

Small businesses that operate only in cash (i.e. transactions are always paid on the same day as a sale) can use cash accounting effectively. If QuickBooks for WildApricot is used with cash accounting, it can still show revenue (using an invoice) and money received (using a payment mapped to a deposit account of your choice). There may be discrepancies on some reports if the invoice and payment are on different dates or an invoice is not paid in full. As always, please speak to an accountant to understand your organization’s situation and how these statements apply to you. Here is a reference link that provides additional information. And a short video explaining the difference:

What is supported in the “Business Rules Engine”?
The following WildApricot financial objects are supported:

  • Invoices
  • Payments
  • Donations (created as a Sales Receipt in QuickBooks)

The following “Business Rule Mappings” are supported:

  • For Invoices:
    • Membership Level Name
    • Event tag
  • For Payments:
    • If linked Invoice found, invoice mapping may be used to specify different deposit accounts
  • Donation:
    • Use “Campaign” custom form field to map to custom campaign account in QuickBooks

The following QuickBooks items can be mapped to:

  • Accounts
  • Products (Inventory List Items)
  • Classes

Can you just import payments or import payments from our payment gateway?
To get a full picture of all WildApricot financial transactions, we import invoices, customers and link payments to invoices, as recorded in WildApricot. At this time we cannot just import payments or data from payment gateways, as that may cause problems in your QuickBooks reconciliation processes.

A smarter way to manage your organization’s bookkeeping

Take the work out of your bookkeeping workflow with smart automated features. NewPath Consulting’s QuickBooks for WildApricot Add-On, will save you a bundle of time, so you’re not bundled down by your bottom line.

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