WildApricot Press

All the user-friendliness of WordPress with all the power of WildApricot

WordPress is the world’s most popular website builder. WildApricot is the #1 rated membership management software. Now, your organization can seamlessly combine the best of both with NewPath Consulting’s WildApricot Press plugin.

WildApricot Press has given me so much flexibility in managing and customizing every part of our customer’s WildApricot-driven website!

Calum McGonigle, Converge Design

Build beautiful, mobile-friendly websites for WildApricot

NewPath Consulting’s WildApricot Press and our custom theme library enables you to build and manage your own full-featured website using just your web browser—without having to learn how to code. In fact, if you’ve ever used a layout editor like Microsoft Word or PowerPoint, you’ll be right at home with the WildApricot Press blocks in the WordPress Block Editor. Enjoy the elegance, diversity of plugins and unparalleled versatility of WordPress with the user-friendliness power of WildApricot Membership Management software. Build faster, customize more and lower the learning curve to produce the high-quality membership websites your members deserve.

wildapricot Press plugin features

Quickly integrate and style WildApricot membership directories and existing WildApricot widgets into any WordPress page, post or page template

Synchronize WildApricot contacts and members into the WordPress user database.

Create custom WildApricot directories using your WordPress design with easy searching.

Unlimited customization options – leverage the full power of WildApricot with complete support of the WildApricot API

Enable page/post access control using membership levels or groups, including page/post custom restriction messages or a global custom restriction message

Start with a ready-to-use theme that is mobile-ready, fast and modern, ready to use with WildApricot


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between this plugin and Personify’s WildApricot Login?

The table below illustrates the major differences between both plugins.

FeatureWildApricot PressWildApricot Login
Contact/Member Fields
Sync all common, system and membership fields
Sync only email address, name, organization, membership level and status
Frequency of syncDuring successful login and every 24 hoursOnly during successful login
Sign-in with WildApricot CredentialsDirectly from any branded page on your WordPress siteFrom an unbranded, uncustomizable popup window
Page access controlCan by membership level and membership groupsRestrict part of pages and posts by membership level only
Restriction Message
Standard and custom messages can be setup
Default restriction message only
Add-ons ArchitectureWill support custom add-ons for events, membership applications, custom profiles and moreN/A
Included add-onsEasy to use and customizable WildApricot API-powered blocks in the block editor
ThemesA site library of beautiful, mobile-first themes with 100% core web vitalsN/A
SupportHas a published roadmapNot being actively improved
WildApricot Press vs WildApricot Login comparison
Does NewPath WildApricot Press work with our theme?

Yes! The plugin works regardless of what theme is in use. We recommend the GeneratePress library of premium themes for best compatibility and speed. The WildApricot Press add-ons work inside the block editor.

Can we build a member’s only hub of content in WordPress?

Of course that is possible and the intent of NewPath WildApricot Press. You can use the restrict access custom messages and access control by membership level(s) and group(s) to restrict access to one or more pages or posts and organize them under menus. When visitors try to access the pages for which they don’t have access they will be greeted by the global or custom restriction messages.

How do WildApricot forms/iframe gadgets work in WordPress?

With our WildApricot Press iframe addon you can use the block editor to insert a WildApricot iframe gadget anywhere on a WordPress page or post. WildApricot Press takes care of the sign-on process and accepts WildApricot member credentials and sync’s the user data into WordPress. Then using a session cookie it presents that authentication to a WildApricot gadget. This allows the data to be prefilled with the contact/member data even though the WildApricot gadget is in a WordPress page.

In the near future, NewPath will create native experiences that will eliminate the need for iframes and allow more flexibility for membership applications, event registrations, donations and online store experiences that sync with WildApricot directly via the WildApricot API.

What is the refund policy for NewPath Consulting Add-on products?

NewPath Consulting Add-on products subscriptions are not refundable. If the product does not meet your needs, simply do not renew after the yearly subscription expires. Please notify NewPath via the Contact form to halt a renewal of the subscription.

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