WildApricot Care Plans

Hand all your website and data admin to our caring team, so you can focus on growing your organization

Business automation can help growing membership businesses get organized. And while automation can do the heavy lifting, it can’t do it all. Hand all your database and website admin to NewPath Consulting and streamline operations with an affordable annual subscription fee.

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full service care Plans

Our Care Plans are designed to solve your challenges and are tailored to the size and growth-rate of your organization. We care about key factors that keep your site running in tip-top shape every day. In addition, we’ve got knowledgeable technical resources at the ready, so you’ll always receive rapid help or advice when you encounter issues, questions — or are just unsure of next steps.

Get the right full service concierge plan for your organization!
Coaching care
Community care
Professional care
Chapter care
Annual cost (USD) $1,999 $4,499 $7,999 $14,999
Annual cost (CAD) $2,599 $5,799 $10,399 $19,999
Ideal for…
Club members < 250 < 500 < 4,000 5,000+
Employees/volunteers 1-2 1-2 2-5 5+
Organization annual revenue < $50K < $100K < $500K < $1M
Support & training
Video conference status meeting As needed 1 hr/month 1 hr/month 4 hr/month
Response times Same day Same day Priority queue Real-time
Support channels Slack, Zoom Slack, Zoom Slack, Zoom Slack, Zoom
Organizational/business reporting Wild Apricot Reports Wild Apricot Reports Advanced reportingℹ Advanced reportingℹ
Maximum staff contacts 1 1 3 5
Total annual support hours ** 24 60 120 240
NewPath’s Wild Apricot Add-ons
QuickBooks for Wild Apricot* No No Yes Yes
MailChimp contact lists syncing* No No Yes Yes
Wild Apricot Press No No Yes Yes
* Integromat account required
** Annual care plans do not rollover unused hours to the next renewal period. Annual Care plans hours can be used throughout the year.

The reduced stress of maintaining our WildApricot has tremendously increased my creativity and our organization’s efficiency.

Carol Booker

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We have helped hundreds of clients implement the system that best fits their needs. NewPath Consulting will work with you to match your organization’s goals with the right suite of WildApricot Membership Management software and apps.