EZ WildApricot Web Designer 2

Customize WildApricot websites in a few clicks!

EZ WildApricot Web Designer 2 gives WildApricot administrators unprecedented power to quickly customize the design and hard-coded labels and buttons on your WildApricot website. It is a snap to edit hard-coded text or even hide buttons, unnecessary messages or form elements. For organizations that require a multi-lingual website, your content and all interactive gadgets can be translated into unlimited languages. EZ WildApricot Web Desinger 2 features a set of add-ons to improve the user experience of common design blocks like accordions, tabbed interfaces and color-coded notices.

If you need “do it with me” translation services using EZ WildApricot Web Designer 2, check out our Translation Support Service.


Benefits & Features

Customize WildApricot websites

Customize every single pixel of your WildApricot website with your logo colours, styles and text. You can use our add-ons to design tabbed interfaces, collapsible accordions, document libraries or color-coded notices without any code!

Change or hide text, labels and buttons

Do you want to change confusing or unnecessary hard-coded text? It is possible with a few clicks!

Create multi-lingual sites

You can add your own custom translations for unlimited languages – have a look at this example.

Custom themes for $99/year

Install a custom theme that matches your organizations style guide without the use of theme overrides.

Say goodbye to bad designs

Stop paying costly web designers and just use EZ WildApricot Web Designer to make your own color, style and text customizations.

Use WildApricot widgets with any website

Even if you use WordPress, Drupal, Shopify, WIX, Squarespace or another 3rd party system with WildApricot, your embedded WildApricot widgets can be custom styled and translated to match the main website.

How it works (the project life cycle)

Do you want to change just one little hard-coded string in the membership application form? Or how about translating the site into 3 languages to serve an international membership base?

EZ WildApricot Web Designer 2 is your answer to quickly editing your websites styles. More powerful than the built in website colors & styles editor, you can hide or even change text with a few clicks.

Installation is as easy as installing a Global Javascript, and all configuration files are saved to your site directly from the handy “Inspector”.

You can add translated content using a simple label called a “class”. Your visitors use a handy menu to switch languages.

As you add more content you can add translations on the fly!

If you wish to automatically translate WildApricot gadgets, get the translation support service, featuring French translations for over 600 standard WildApricot messages, labels and buttons.

Imagine the high level of customer service when you provide an experience in your member’s native language!


“Our WildApricot site is fully translated to French and we maintain our own translations without help.”

Lauren C. – Canadian Association for Global Health, Website Lead

“EZ WildApricot Web Designer made our mandatory French website a snap!”

Elizabeth S. – Royal Canadian College of Organists, Executive Director

“I learned how to use EZ WildApricot Web Designer with NewPath’s help and can make my own text and translation changes any time!”

Alice A.P. – Canadian Council for Refugees, Website Lead

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the annual cost of EZ WildApricot Web Designer 2?

The annual, recurring license fee is $99 USD per year. If you need help you can get assistance at no cost on our support forum. If you need hands on support, our Wild Apricot Hero program is available for personalized, video support. For WildApricot Partners who wish to use the tool for their customers, unlimited WildApricot sites are available for USD$999/year.

How does EZ WildApricot Web Designer 2 work?

It is sort of like magic…🧙‍♂️

But seriously, at NewPath we have spent years looking at the challenges WildApricot administrators face designing a beautiful and friendly website. The main challenges include

– changing the various styles and colours to reflect your organization’s font, logo colours and brand
– changing hard-coded text (e.g. changing Membership Level -> Subscription Tier or Bundle -> Group)
– hiding messages and buttons from visitors or members
– translating all website content and gadgets into 1 or more languages
– modifying all parts of the standard themes without needing to user theme overrides

To do this manually requires that you know Cascading Style Sheets and JavaScipt, but that is a steep learning curve. With EZ WildApricot Web Designer 2 you use one-click “Inspector” and click on what you wish to change or translate on your website. Then you can apply a variety of “functions” on the text, click save and preview your changes on the fly.

If you want training and support for ready-made translations, please look into our Translation Support Service.

How long does it take to install?

Successful installations can takes about 10 minutes. You simply subscribe to our app, download the app and upload it to your File Manager. Then you make a few changes in your Global Javascript and you’re ready to go.

EZ WildApricot Web Designer 2 requires:
– access to a WildApricot administrative account for a one time installation procedure
– a modern web browser (IE 11+, Edge, Safari, Chrome or Firefox)
– any translations are provided by your translators

If you want training and support for ready-made translations, please look into our Translation Support Service.

Do I have to have knowledge of CSS or Javascript to use this EZ WildApricot Web Designer 2?

It would not be called “EZ” if you had to have so much technical knowledge! Our first version did require the need to have a good idea of what CSS is, but with v2.0 there is no need for that since you just click and make changes in a web-based spreadsheet of all your changes. And saving your changes can be done with 1 click.

How do I add my own translations?

One of the main benefits of EZ WildApricot Web Designer 2 is adding translations to your website. When you install and activate multi-lingual mode, our app adds a dropdown with one or more languages. You can add your own translations for your content as well as any hard coded content.

Here’s an example multi-lingual WildApricot site powered by EZ WildApricot Web Designer 2 with our own custom translations.

Web page content can be translated on the same page simply by adding translated Content gadgets and adding a CSS class to each gadget. When the visitor switches languages all the translations pop into place without needing to maintain separate pages or page templates.

If you would like a ready-made translation file(s) in any other language, you can purchase our Translation Support Service.

Are there elements that cannot be translated or changed?

Currently the following elements cannot be changed with EZ WildApricot Web Designer 2 in the WildApricot website:

– The image upload button for a Picture field used in membership applications
– Any “Admin” website changes to the WildApricot administrative site

The following items will need to be maintained as changes are made in your website:

– When adding menus you may need to retranslate if you add or remove submenus under any previously translated menu
– When adding or removing fields on a membership profile, you may need to translate or add your changes again
– Membership directory text may need to use the delay function

What is the refund policy for NewPath Consulting Add-on products?

NewPath Consulting Add-on products subscriptions are not refundable. If the product does not meet your needs, simply do not renew after the yearly subscription expires. Please notify NewPath via the Contact form to halt a renewal of the subscription.

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