WildApricot Hero

Solve your WildApricot issues without delay! Our expert team will help you, on your time.

During your 1-hour, one-on-one video call, you will explain and show your problem on your screen. One of our WildApricot Heroes will walk you through a resolution to your issue and make sure you’re satisfied. A maximum of one person can join the call.

NewPath is an official WildApricot partner.
Here is a typical WildApricot Hero call…


“In all honesty without help from NewPath’s WildApricot Heroes, our site would never have been completed”.

Helen R.

This is legit folks. Medina Swarm has worked with several Hero’s, and they have done amazing things helping us. Consider getting WildApricot Hero to help you!

Shane M

My experience with WildApricot Hero has been super positive. What’s most impressive is being able to talk with a true WildApricot expert with broad functional and technical knowledge. And I’ve been able to quickly book calls at my pace as new issues or problems arise. That convenience is a huge plus!

Gary K

NewPath’s Hero Program is another excellent way they support a community of WildApricot users. They really are heroes! We had critical issue that we could not resolve and with a Hero call, we had immediate, professional support that fixed our issue so quickly.

J.M. McCutcheon, PhD, Executive Director, Association of Canadian Archivists

Wildapricot hero support

Example topics we can help with include:

  • Import/export of contacts and members
  • Configure common and membership fields
  • Setup membership levels and renewal policies
  • Configure membership groups
  • Setup events and registration types
  • Setup online store
  • Website edits including content, page templates, embeds
  • Automation and integration with external systems using Integromat and Formstack
  • Hands-on support for NewPath WildApricot add-ons

Our problem solving experts will perform best-effort to solve your problems or challenges. You will receive a private video recording of your call, and any related materials we used to answer your question.

Did you find your solution?

If not, NewPath Consulting has helped hundreds of clients implement the system that best fits their needs. We will work with you to match your organization’s goals with the right suite of WildApricot Membership Management software and apps.