Video Genius Archiving System (VeGAS)

Video archiving for the masses.

VeGAS is a low-cost yet flexible video recording archiving and search solution that is easy to deploy, manage, and scale. VeGAS offers enables easy searching and organization of your Zoom video recordings. And cost starts at just $2 per day!

Benefits & Features


Archive Zoom videos and audio calls, meeting titles, date, time zone, meeting duration, host ID, meeting ID, universal unique identifier (UUID).

Support unlimited Zoom hosts

All video and audio recordings are seamlessly archived into the cloud with zero administrative intervention.

Best of all, you or your Zoom hosts do not need to install any 3rd party Zoom archiving apps.

Archive in-meeting chat

Archive meeting participant names, email addresses (excluding guests), links shared in chat, chat messages and timestamps in text format.

Search transcripts

Our solution allows you to keyword search video transcripts. You can search audio track of a video just like a document and instantly scrub to the location of a spoken phrase. Alerts can be triggered based upon keyword.

Eliminate routine tasks

Automate the archiving process and save time, while gaining the power of nearly unlimited cloud-based storage and organization. 100 hours of video contains over 1 million words, and you can search the transcripts with ease!

Save tons of money

Standard Zoom cloud storage maxes out at 5GB per host. Our solution includes up to 1TB of storage space per year without limit on the number of Zoom meetings or hosts.

How VeGAS works

VeGAS is a application. We install and configure your Zoom, and Vimeo to work seamlessly together.

VeGAS monitors all recordings happening with your Zoom host. As soon as a meeting is finished VeGAS picks up the recording and starts processing.

Video metadata is shuttled across the into VeGAS for preparation into the archiving platform. At this point any metadata transformation can happen.

Once complete, VeGAS sends the data into Vimeo for storge. VeGAS attaches metadata to the title, description and organizes the video into a configured set of folders and showcases.

VeGAS creates a time-coded transcript which is available shortly after the video is uploaded. VeGAS can invoke notifications such as a custom email notification with a link to the video or a Slack message containing link and other relevant information.

VeGAS users can login and easily navigate, search or compile information on recordings in a friendly web based or mobile app. Searching transcriptions and scrubbing the video is available in the web browser app.


“VeGAS has changed our lives.”

Joshua M. – Doctors Without Borders Canada, Website Lead

“We have saved over $10,000 in storage costs in just one year by avoiding exorbitant Zoom archiving system costs.”

Elizabeth S. – Royal Canadian College of Organists, Executive Director

“Searching videos by keywords is not only incredibly cool, it is also incredibly useful in our particular line of work.”

Alice A.P. – Canadian Council for Refugees, Website Lead

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the annual cost of VeGAS?

The yearly license fee is $699 USD per year. This includes support, a subscription to (a $108/year value) and Vimeo Pro Plus account (a $240/year value). Vimeo Pro Plus includes 1TB of storage per year, and a maximum of 20GB of uploads per week. You get about 90 hours of archived & transcribed recordings per week for $699 USD per year.

If you need more storage beyond 90 hours of per week, the cost is based on a usage model of 0.01c per minute of recording. A company that needs an extra 5000 minutes of recordings per month would pay $50.00 per month on top of the yearly $699 license fee.

By way of comparison, costs $19 PER SEAT! So if you have 10 Zoom seats it will cost you $190/month for a total of over $2000 per year. VeGAS can have unlimited Zoom seats since we do not charge by seat but rather by storage of video.

If you’re looking for more advanced video capabilities, Vimeo Enterprise may be the right solution for your organization. Vimeo Enterprise includes SSO protection for videos, a customizable video library, and enhanced interactivity tools. Get in touch, and we can connect you with the Vimeo team to discuss the best option for your needs.

How does VeGAS work?

It is sort of like magic…🧙‍♂️

But seriously, we figured out that Vimeo can download a video file directly from the Zoom servers without going through intermediate computers. No need to download the video to your computer and then upload to Vimeo. No need to install any third party apps on your Zoom accounts.
Here’s a technical diagram of the various components that make up VeGAS:

Archiving, organization of recordings and automatic transcription happen in the background as you record videos.

How long does it take to install VeGAS?

About 1 hour. We procure your accounts for you, create the necessary connections into Zoom and Vimeo and turn the switch on VeGAS. A few test meetings and you’re good to go!

VeGAS requires:

– a account at the “Core” tier
– a Vimeo Pro Plus account with 20GB of storage per week, up to 1TB per year
– a Zoom One Pro account or higher

How do automatic transcriptions work?

VeGAS employs the WebVTT format used on many closed captioning systems on the Internet. Once a video has been uploaded by VeGAS the archiving system’s artificial intelligence engine processes the audio track. The speech is converted to text and a time code is attached to each phrase or sentence. The system allows you to search or navigate the video by simply clicking on the time code to “scrub” to that part of the video instantly. We estimate that a 30 minute video has about 5,000 words, and the accuracy is about 95% accurate for standard English speech.

What is the language of transcriptions?

Currently only English is available for automatic transcription.

Can we customize the video website and create our own video portal?

Yes, we can build a custom video portal on a time/materials basis. We use a WordPress plugin called Vimeography.

What is the refund policy for NewPath Consulting Add-on products?

NewPath Consulting Add-on products subscriptions are not refundable. If the product does not meet your needs, simply do not renew after the yearly subscription expires. Please notify NewPath via the Contact form to halt a renewal of the subscription.

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