Wild Apricot Automation Manager (WAAM)

Installation with a Basic Integromat Account

NewPath Consulting will install these scenarios at no cost once you setup a Basic, paid Integromat account. You must have a paid Integromat account to install these scenarios.



Download Contact Updater from Event Registrations

Works around the following Wild Apricot event registration limitation:

Values entered in common fields on event registration forms will not update corresponding fields in the registrant’s contact record, but are stored separately within event registration records.


Support taxable and non-taxable items in online store

New Functions

Download Wild Apricot -> MailChimp sync

Synchronizes contact and member profile information with MailChimp

Download Wild Apricot Events -> Google Calendar sync

Move and Update Wild Apricot events into Google Calendar

Note: Need to create a data store before running this scenario:

Data store for events to gcal

Download Send PDF Certificate to Event Registrants

This scenario sends a PDF certificate by email instantly when an event registration has occured. This scenario can be modified to support only event registrant checkins. It currently works on an “trigger” that uses a Wild Apricot webhook. Once an event registration occurs, this scenario listens for the event registration and collects various pieces of information from the registration. To generate and send the PDF it uses Formstack Documents which can be used in a free trial to generate certificates with a watermark.

You will need to create a data store to support this scenario to keep track which registrations have received certificates.

Eventreg data store


Download Bulk Wild Apricot Invoice Printer

Select a range of time and print one or more invoices (paid or unpaid) into HTML files and deposit int Dropbox, ready for emailing or printing.

Download Social Media Automator

This scenario reads a random row from a Google Sheet and posts a link and description (and optional hashtags!) to Facebook, Twitter and/or LinkedIn personal or business pages. This can be extended easily for Instagram, Pintrest and any other social media networks Integromat supports. The scenario can be run automatically on a predefined schedule of your choosing.

Here’s the format of the spreadsheet this scenario uses:

Gsheet social media automator
Learn more about this special automation useful for anyone here.

Wild Apricot Automation Custom Services

The Wild Apricot Automation Manager is a collection of ready made, free-to-download Integromat scenarios that you can reuse in minutes!

Downloadable scenarios are free, and customization or creation of new scenarios starts at USD$2,000

The QuickBooks for WildApricot is a cost-effective way to add full QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online support.

  • Address limitations in Wild Apricot’s core QuickBooks export functionality
  • Automate QuickBooks exports
  • Speed up and make less error-prone a set of repeated tasks done in Wild Apricot

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