Beta Testing of WARM v2 is Open!

We are proud to opening the beta testing of Wild Apricot Reports Manager (WARM) v2!
The features of WARM v2 include:

v1.97 supports:

  • support for accounts that have tens of thousands of contacts (v2 is has been tested for over 10,000 contacts)
  • custom field support for Contacts
  • added support for Sent Emails (automatic and manual emails and analytics)
  • support the $filter and $count capabilities of API to improve filtering subsets of the Contact, Events and Sent Email data sets
  • added support for Payments (payments recorded against invoices and manually)
  • sample report to view capabilities of WARM
Known limitations:
  • When accessing large data sets (more than 2,000 records) use the paging feature to retrieve data in pages of 1,000 records or less
  • API rate limit may occur if you create reports with too many report gadgets (wait for a few minutes to retry)
All outstanding issues, enhancements and ongoing roadmap for projects for WARM are on GitHub. If you want to participate please login with your own GitHub account.
Current plans are to release v2 in production by late spring 2020.
If you’d like to join our WARM Slack community join at this link.

About the author

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