Pro Reports for WildApricot

Get in-depth insights on your data

Understand your organization’s membership engagement, renewal rates, and demographics. Run custom reports without needing to give access to WildApricot dashboard. Enjoy access to your ‘single source of truth’ in WildApricot to make sound business decisions.

Running my organization with more answers and fewer guesses. Absolutely organized!

Erwin Count

Make informed, confident decisions with visualized data

Pro Reports for WildApricot by NewPath Consulting empowers WildApricot administrators with an increased level of reporting flexibility and analytical power. Consume, share and grasp the data you need, all organized in one beautiful place.

pro reports for WildApricot PRO Features

Analyze WildApricot account, event, contact/member, invoice and audit log data with instant data refreshes

Report on data summaries, aggregations, comparisons and even calculated fields to create new insights

Access your WildApricot database securely, in real-time without copy and paste or manual data extracts

Prepare tables, graphs and visualizations for one site or a network of WildApricot sites

Combine data from hundreds of other data services including Google Analytics, Amazon, Google Ads, Facebook, Twitter and more!

Share and distribute reports and dashboards with your board or staff, with on-demand or scheduled email delivery


Frequently Asked Questions

How do we build custom reports?

The connector establishes a connection to the WildApricot database. Building reports is a matter of drag and drop data into a visual canvas. Google Data Studio does a lot of the heavy lifting for you!

Can reports be scheduled for delivery?

Absolutely! You don’t have to have a WildApricot administrative account to access these reports. They will be available with a link and can be embedded into other web pages. You can even export the report data to a spreadsheet. You can also schedule a PDF file with up to date report data to be sent to one or more email addresses automatically.

Can I build a reporting dashboard with data from other sources of data?

Google Data Studio is the perfect tool to create reports from multiple data sources. Hundreds of data sources are available including Google Analytics, Google spreadsheets, Facebook Ads and many other advertising and database sources. Just click and visualize the data with a few clicks. Google Data Studio reports can have multiple pages and navigation links can be used to navigate a dashboard of reports.

What is the refund policy for NewPath Consulting Add-on products?

NewPath Consulting Add-on product purchases are not refundable. If the product does not meet your needs, simply do not renew after the yearly subscription expires. Please notify NewPath via the Contact form to halt a renewal of the subscription.

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