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Focus on growing your organization, in an affordable and sustainable way!

WordPress is the world’s most popular content management system. NewPath is proud to offer an association and club management system in the highly extensible and affordable world of WordPress!

newpath consulting care plans for organizations

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Our Plans are designed to solve your challenges and are tailored to the size and growth-rate of your organization. We care about key factors that keep your site running in tip-top shape every day. In addition, we’ve got knowledgeable technical resources at the ready, so you’ll always receive rapid help or advice when you encounter issues, questions — or are just unsure of next steps.

Annual cost (USD)$1,999$2,899$4,999
Annual cost (CAD)$2,399$3,799$6,499
Member Maximum1,0003,00010,000
Contact MaximumUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Ideal Revenue SizeUnder $100,000 /year$100,000-$300,000 / year> $300,000 / year
Support ChannelsReal-time chat Only with same day responseReal-time chat or video with same day responseReal-time chat or video with same day response
Support Hours Per Year **122550
Contact Migration from WildApricotIncludedIncludedIncluded
WordPress HostingIncludedIncludedIncluded
WordPress Security, Backup and Monitoring, Site Restore, Plugin UpdatesIncludedIncludedIncluded
Custom Domain SupportIncludedIncludedIncluded
Free SSL CertificateIncludedIncludedIncluded
Custom Themes100+100+100+
Unlimited One-time and Recurring Membership LevelsIncluded*Included*Included*
Renewal RemindersIncluded*Included*Included*
Organization/Business MembershipsIncluded*Included*
Online CoursesIncluded*Included*Included*
Restricted Content / Events / Member’s OnlyIncluded*Included*Included*
Membership and Revenue ReportingIncluded*Included*Included*
Digital DownloadsIncluded*Included*Included*
Calendars and Event RegistrationIncluded*Included*Included*
Email MarketingIncluded*Included*Included*
Custom FormsIncluded*Included*Included*
Manager AccountsUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Electronic Payment SupportAffinipay or StripeAffinipay or StripeAffinipay or Stripe
* Setup and testing is covered under your support hours. Extra support time is available as an add-on.
** Extra Support Time is available as an add-on.
Available add-ons to the plans above:Additional Fees (USD)Additional Fees (CAD)
Extra Support Time$99 / hour$129/ hour
Extra Member Quota$399 / year for an additional 1,000 members$499 / year for an additional 1,000 members
Premium Blocks$199 / year$259 / year
Online Store$199 / year$259 / year
Website Content Migration$1.99 / page (one-time)$2.39 / page (one-time)
Custom Branded Mobile App with Notifications$399 / year$499 / year
Community / Discussion Board$199 / year$259 / year
Advanced Learning Management System$399 / year$499 / year
Community Event Submissions$199 / year$259 / year
Google Analytics 4$99 / year$129/ year
Search Engine Optimization$99 / year$129/ year
Donations$99 / year$129/ year
Advertising/Sponsorships$299 / year$399 / year
Jobs$99 / year$129/ year
Searchable Documents$199 / year$259 / hour
Reservation and Scheduling$299 / year$399 / year
Integration with QuickBooks Online$99 / year + $2,999 One-Time Install Fee$129/ year + $3,999 One-Time Install Fee
Multilingual Support$199 / year per language$259 / year per language
Automation with Make.comCustom QuoteCustom Quote
FeatureWordPress for AssociationsWildApricot
OwnershipYour own your database and content!You are renting your site. Stop paying your site goes away.
Themes100+ Mobile-Friendly & SEO Optimized10 older, non-standard, slow themes
Custom FormsFully customizableInflexible, long forms for event and membership application
Standard Add-ons20+2 (Text Notification Service and Jobs)
More add-ons50,000+0
Comparison between WordPress for Associations and WildApricot
How should I sell WordPress for Associations to our board of directors?

Many organizations depend on part-time staff or volunteers to run their IT infrastructure. WordPress for Associations is essentially “free” software and the annual fee covers our premium, personalized support service. Organizations usually get and pay internal staff or get no-cost help from volunteers who may or may not be available when we need them.

If you decided to purchase the core components of WordPress for Associations the following would be your fixed cost yearly fees for the infrastructure and software alone:

– Hosting $100-$150/ year
– Security/Backup/Monitoring – $200-$300/year
– Plugin Licenses – $600-$1500 / year depending on the AddOns (core addons + any extras)
– Support Cost – Volunteer or Part-Time IT Staff ($0-$5,000?)

Total Yearly Operating Cost: Low Estimate: $1000 High Estimate: $10,000

What if I want to take our association website with us and cancel our support and care plan?

We believe associations, once they have an established IT support volunteer staff, should be able to take their whole system with them, no strings attached. NewPath will enable full administrative access to your site to move your site. The off-boarding fee is 1 year of your organization’s current care plan, depending on your current situation. The off-boarding fee supports your efforts to migrate to a new host and provide any training/guidance to maintain your own system.

Any plugin or theme licenses will need to be relicensed for your own organization. Depending on which add-ons you have the annual fee could range anywhere from $100 to $1000 per year.

Are there any plugin or theme licensing fees above and beyond the yearly care plan?

No! All licenses and support plans are taken care of for you under NewPath’s licensing for the necessary plugins, themes and support plan. This really helps you save time managing all various license schemes and updates normally associated with running a commercial, customized WordPress website.

How do you provide support and what are the terms?

Our support staff provide support during business hours, 9am Eastern to 8pm Eastern time. This can accommodate organization on Eastern, Central, Mountain and Pacific time in North America. Support is provided with a same-day (24 hour) turn around, inside a private Slack channel assigned to your organization. Staff from your organization are invited to the Slack channel.

Every week, you get a report of how many hours have been used on your support plan, as our staff add any support interaction rounded to the nearest 15 minute interval. Once you run out of support hours you can purchase extra support hours at USD $99/hour. All support can be video recorded and sent back to your organization for later review.

Can we install our own plugins or have direct access to FTP/SSH on the server?

We do not allow you to install your own plugins or have direct access to the server as we provide support for the system based on a complete knowledge of what is available on your host. Should you want to have full administrative control of the system, you can of course migrate your server to your own host, cancel the support relationship. Details of cancelling your plan are covered under a separate FAQ.

Did you find your solution?

If not, NewPath Consulting has helped hundreds of clients implement the system that best fits their needs. We will work with you to match your organization’s goals with the right suite of WildApricot Membership Management software and apps.