Mentor Management for WildApricot

Attract New Members And Retain Existing Members With Mentoring

WildApricot-powered associations can build a scalable mentorship program with Stellar Mentoring. Your association can manage mentor candidates, control communication, enrollment and track progress easily.

Wild Apricot-powered Mentorship Programs Are Possible!

Stellar Mentoring is designed to connect to Personify WildApricot’s database of contacts and members.

In the last 3 years, Stellar helped us reduce the manual effort of setting up a mentor program while hitting a 98% satisfaction rate for our mentors & mentees. Partnering with Stellar allows us to spend more time to focus on our members while generating a new revenue stream and increased member retention by 50%.

Nicolas Isch – Professional Network
mentor management for Wild Apricot

Learn about how to model a mentorship program from mentorship experts. Your members will stay members longer and get even more value through mentorships.

Extend mentorship programs to your contacts and members, adding a potential new revenue stream to your association.

Create perfect mentorship recommendations using available data in your WildApricot database.

Enable mentors and mentees to register on your WildApricot website, collecting fees directly into WildApricot finance module.

Your contacts and members stay in WildApricot without any duplication or maintenance.

Mentor Management for WildApricot requires absolutely no programming! Here’s how the system enables registration right from WildApricot:

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