2023: NewPath – New Horizons

2022 was a banner year for NewPath! We reached a new milestone in 2022 – the highest revenue since we started operation in 2015! We grew our top line revenue by 30% over last year. Most importantly we worked and consulted with over 200 WildApricot customers. Here are some numbers just to give you some idea of the level of engagement we reached:

  • Over last year we responded to over twice as many customer “Contact Us” requests inquiring about our apps and migration, and design services.
  • Customized WildApricot training and translations for WildApricot websites were delivered to 5 customers
  • We began to provide customers WildApricot Hero support via Zoom for mission-critical situations
  • Medina Swarm Agility (Shane McConnell) won 5 free Hero calls!
  • We published WildApricot Press in the WordPress plugin repository
  • Finally, NewPath released EZ WildApricot Web Designer 2 enabling complete control of text, styling, fonts and full translation of WildApricot websites into multiple languages

NewPath exceeded expectations in both licensing of our WildApricot Add-ons and Services. WildApricot Add-ons are a new line of business that is now a growing part of our recurring revenue and leads to other consulting projects. QuickBooks for WildApricot is NewPath’s most popular add-on product. Feedback from customers has been amazing. Automatic syncing of WildApricot invoices into QuickBooks Desktop and Online solves an acute pain their bookkeepers and accountants face.

But we didn’t stop there. For the past 18 months our development team has been tirelessly beta testing and improving the usability and reliability of NewPath WildApricot Press. We are proud to announce that WordPress.org has now approved our NewPath WildApricot Press plugin along with 2 blocks. WildApricot customers who wish to modernize the member-facing website to be faster, friendlier and reflect a professional look better than ever before, while keeping WildApricot’s #1 membership management experience. We have launched this plugin under a $99/year license which includes 2 free blocks. The plugin features:

  • Native WordPress signin to WildApricot, without any popups
  • Access control at page/post level for both membership levels & membership groups
  • Signon and daily syncing of WildApricot system, contact & member custom fields into WordPress
  • A custom native, dynamic membership directory block
  • WildApricot iframe widget block
  • A free SEO-friendly, WildApricot-ready theme for WordPress powered by WildApricot Press
  • An add-on architecture that will support more commercial blocks in the future

Our goal is to help partners and customers create a stellar alternative for their public and member-facing website while keeping their “single source of truth” in the WildApricot database.

At NewPath we brought on several new staff to the team. Jack came on as our general manager this year. He has worked with Ruth, our lead sales guru, on a new set of detailed scope documents to all of our consulting fixed-cost projects. Michael, Carol and Olga (who works out of Dublin, Ireland) have been working on projects in Europe. Matthieu, Natalie, Mary, Dave and Susan contributed on many levels to our team this year doing development tasks, running our accounting and operations as well as marketing campaigns. Thank you to the whole team!

We continue to get interest from international organizations who need multilingual-friendly solutions and who like our approach to designing integration between various systems. We actively consulted with 32 WildApricot customers including the International Council for Archivists, Richmond Hill Garden & Horticultural Society, Conference for Food Protection, TechNova and Twin City Makers.

We are now running the 2022 Give Back Award and are looking to give one organization the gift of WildApricot. Our plans for 2023 include reaching over 100 new WildApricot customers. We plan to increase the visibility and adoption of our services and custom apps and reach greater heights. I encourage you to open a WildApricot Hero call this year when you need a solution to your WildApricot challenges. We also plan to add multiple translation dictionaries for Spanish, Chinese and other in demand languages.

About the author

Alex is a pioneer in using the cloud to meet the needs of small and medium sized business (SMBs) and membership-based organizations. He has a BSc in computer science from the University of Michigan and has worked as a product manager at two Internet startups. Alex is a father of 2 and plays the trumpet for fun. He is the founder and the president of the University of Michigan Alumni Club of Toronto.