Building a Zoom Recording Library with Vimeo and

Video is everywhere. Today, 80% of people prefer video to text. Storing and managing videos takes a special kind of online library called a video storage solution. At NewPath, we chose Vimeo due to its familiar user interface, reasonable storage costs and no ads! This article will describe an automated way to archive Zoom recordings to Vimeo using

Video storage solutions can change the way you do business. Depending on your industry, you might need to keep backups to certain video files at the ready for sharing and publishing. Video storage solutions allow you to easily have a searchable video archive and serve videos to your customers whenever you need them. 

Managing automatic uploads to Vimeo is easy when you automate with We have seen people try to use Google Drive, Dropbox or Box to store videos but they all suffer from one big problem – none of them allow you to automate the process without pushing them through Make. Since Make scenarios have a file size limit of about 100MB per file, to automate archiving videos must bypass the system and be uploaded directly from Zoom into Vimeo.

We built a scenario that allows Zoom to notify Make when a recording has been completed. The scenario then grabs the recorded video link and calls the Vimeo API to pull the video into Vimeo directly off Zoom servers.

The benefits are tremendous:

  1. All of your Zoom account hosts can have their recorded videos automatically archived in Vimeo.
  2. The videos can be automatically tagged by with information like title, description and other metadata like the chat of the recording.
  3. Videos can be shared via public or private links right after upload. Make can send an automatic email to anyone who needs to see the video.
  4. Your team or business customers can watch and search the videos for training and knowledge sharing.
  5. Vimeo costs ~$20 per month to add up to 80GB of video per month. You also get up to 1,000GB of total storage per year. Zoom gives you a paltry 1GB of cloud storage and as you continue to build up recordings you pay $1/GB which would add up dramatically after 1 year of use – 5x the cost of Vimeo!

Here’s a copy of our scenario. The key module is the HTTP call to Vimeo that “pulls” the video into Vimeo using the Zoom download link.

If you’d like to get a copy of this scenario book a Make Hero call with our Make scenario builders.

NewPath Consulting is a certified sales partner and a Vimeo partner.

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Alex is a pioneer in using the cloud to meet the needs of small and medium sized business (SMBs) and membership-based organizations. He has a BSc in computer science from the University of Michigan and has worked as a product manager at two Internet startups. Alex is a father of 2 and plays the trumpet for fun. He is the founder and the president of the University of Michigan Alumni Club of Toronto.