Accepting Online Payments

accepting online payments using wild apricot payments(affinipay) and new path consulting

A lot of small associations, businesses, clubs, and social groups have moved online as they race to embrace e-commerce during the pandemic. Since November 2020, organizations have resorted to online payments, memberships, shopping, and online events. In times like this, automation, affordability and ease of use is the main focus of these businesses. As an affordable web-based software, Wild Apricot is a great all-in-one solution for associations, medium sized groups and nonprofits. Their software helps with the creation of websites, management of memberships, online stores, automation of payments, events and much more. However, one feature that can help take out the headache of manual payments, is their online payments feature. Thus allowing you to manage your organization’s finances better.

Wild Apricot Payments is Wild Apricot’s own payment processing system that’s powered by AffiniPay. AffiniPay is a payment gateway that specializes in payment solutions for nonprofits, legal, accounting and professional associations. Integrated with Wild Apricot, you can track and automate the process of receiving payments. Wild Apricot will automatically generate and email customizable invoices and receipts for online transactions. This virtually cuts out the manual work of processing payments. Once an online payment is confirmed, a payment record is automatically created, and the related invoice is updated.

affinipay quickbooks online payments wild apricot reports

AffiniPay and Wild Apricot Payments are fully PCI compliant. Wild Apricot Payments support recurring membership fees, recurring donations, and one click payments without any extra cost. To top it off, there is also no set up fee or monthly fee.

The best part is that AffiniPay allows you to have an analytics dashboard for easy trend checking of the health and performance of the organization. You can also generate custom reports and export them for accounting purposes. The Statement of Activity, emailed at the end of each month, can give you valuable insight into the Return On Investment of your different revenue-generating activities.

affinipay quickbooks online payments wild apricot dashboard analytics

All the online payments are automatically deposited in your bank account directly. Unlike other payment systems, you do not need to manually transfer the deposits and pay the deposit fee. To make things easier and faster for you, NewPath Consulting has automated the process of transferring your transaction records from Wild Apricot Payments to Quickbooks. Therefore, we can help you build a more robust accounting system.

Having an automated, easy to manage system saves you time on managing finances so you can focus more on building growth strategies for your organization. NewPath Consulting’s QuickBooks for Wild Apricot Add-On will save you bundles of time by taking the work out of your bookkeeping workflow with smart automated features. To know more about how you can use Wild Apricot to receive online payments and generate custom reports, reach out to us. We’ll be happy to help set up a successful Finance and Accounting system for you.

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