All the Automated Emails in Wild Apricot: A Cheat Sheet

Wild Apricot can send automated and manual emails to contacts and members. Automatic emails are sent as a confirmation of member actions including applying for a membership, and event registration or an invoice payment. Manual emails are emails that an administrator sends to one or more contacts or members and can use a filtered member or contact list. Manual emails can be scheduled in the future or sent on demand, whereas automatic emails are sent based on a triggered event usually only to one contact or member.

The documentation on these emails is really great, but what is hard to find is  a cheat sheet of all the automated emails and where they can be set. These settings are all buried within the Settings tab in a variety of locations, and this post helps bring them all together. Customizing the automated emails is a great way to market and brand your organization. Since these emails are sent automatically and quite often they can be used to describe the benefits of being a member and contact information for your organization.

In the links below just switch the with your Wild Apricot site name. You can also replace with the full domain name.

Username and Password email for a new contact

When a contact profile is created by an administrator or through the website (say through a registration), a profile is created for the contact, and a password is assigned. It is a randomly generated password that is placed in an automated email. The email can be customized here:

Newsletter Subscription Form email

When someone registers for your newsletter on your Wild Apricot site they get a confirmation email, which can be customized to include benefits of your organization and links to become a member.

Membership application and renewal reminder emails

When someone applies for a membership or when a member is added by an administrator a variety of automated emails are sent by Wild Apricot. When a membership comes due for renewal reminders can be sent as well at a variety of configurable timed intervals.

Poll Announcement email

When an administrator creates a poll, the poll can be announced to all members with a poll announcement.


Event announcement, event reminders and event registration emails

When contacts or members register for events, automated emails are sent as confirmation of registrations. Event announcements can also be sent to all members when events are created. Event reminders can also be automatically sent to all who have registered.

Donation Confirmation Email

When a donation is made, a donation confirmation email is sent. This email can be customized.


Turning on a secondary email for notifications

Some members have an alternative email address that they wish to record. This setting can be used to select which common field or membership field contains the secondary email address for notifications. Note that the main login email is used as well as the secondary email.


Setting up notification rules for New Members, Events, Donations, Billing, Online Store (Email Routing)

You may wish to notify other email addresses when members join, events get registrations, donations are made, store orders are placed or invoices are sent. This option lets you setup email routing to make aware others in your organization when certain events occur.


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