The Top Features Of NewPath Consulting’s Cloud Software Suite

There are a ton of great features in each small business cloud application that NewPath supports. It takes plenty of time to master all of these features and leverage to streamline and enhance your business operations. We wondered "What are the 20% of the features that matter 80% of the time for our clients?" The result is this post. This features run down is by no means exhaustive, but we think these features are important.



Typepad is your simple-and-easy website and blog software. It offers a ton of features but is extremely flexible and easy to learn. Let's take a look at the most remarkable features.


Robust template design

There are hundreds of professional ready to use template designs in TypePad. Many are easily styled with colour scheme of your choice as well as your own branded banner graphic. All of our plans include a website if you don't already have one running. And if you do we will rebuild yours in TypePad so you can easily maintain it.


Schedule posts for future dates

You may want to schedule your posts that are automatically published  on a certain date, for example, Christmas Offers or New Year Greetings. You also don't want to miss your blogging schedule because you'll be away on a vacation or for a business meeting.


Integration with social tools

When you make a blog post do you post them to popular social tools like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Feedburner automatically, without having to login and post  to each of them? Typepad offers automatic social media posting right out of box.



MadMimi is your friendly email marketing service. You can use MadMimi to send email newsletters and updates to your clients, prospects, vendors and friends. The top features of Madmimi are:

Convenience through cloning

With this feature you can instantly reproduce one of your past email campaigns. This will save a ton of time getting a great design in place and reusing it many times. Once the old campaign is replicated you simply need to replace the content and you're ready to go.

Drip campaigns

Drip campaigns provide immediate value to your newsletter subscribers. You develop a series of emails that direct the subscriber to your product or service. The emails will be delivered in a sequential manner (once a day for the next five days, once in three days for two weeks, etc.)

Integration with Highrise, Freshbooks

Your NewPath Consulting subscription plan might already include Highrise and Freshbooks. If it doesn't, please contact us. You can import your Highrise contacts in one click and start mailing to them right away. Freshbooks integration allows you to add your clients that you've invoiced, in a single click, and ensure you're in touch with them forever via email campaigns.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics provides one of the best website analytics programs. This is included in each NewPath Consulting service plan. Find out if you are benefitting from the following top features:


Your website has a reason (or multiple reasons) to exist. Some reasons are – generating leads, increase newsletter signups, measure page views, sell a product or service, etc. Goals let you measure how effective your website is with respect to 'reasons for existing'. Develop and measure one goal for your website today.

Site Search and External Keyword Search

Google Analytics allows you to track the search terms your website visitors are using in your internal site search as well as when they visit search engines like Google and Bing. Once you have the information of how people are finding your website, you can develop content based on those insighs. Automatic and free market research for your business and more traffic!

Email Reports

Google Analytics lets you create many reports like Keyword Analysis Report and Pay Per Click (PPC) Keywords Report that you want to track regularly. With this feature, you can receive these reports – at a chosen frequency – via email without having to login to the Analytics dashboard.

Google Docs

Google Docs is part of Google's Google Apps office suite. It is easy to use, flexible, fast and available from any browser.

Templates: Checklists, outlines, invoices

You can easily create checklists, outlines and invoices using the templating feature available with Google Docs. These will save time in producing a quality document without missing the essential elements. You can share these documents across your organization as well.

Revision History & Autosave

You can collaborate with many people in your organization on your document – marketing, legal, management, or external partners. You can easily track the changes and see their contributions. Google Docs saves the changes automatically in real time so you don't have to worry about working on the 'latest' version. The latest version is in the cloud, always available 7/24/365.

Shared Folders

You can share entire folders with your colleagues and vendors over the Internet. You simply have to drop files in the shared folder and everyone who has access to the folder can access the files immediately. Also the files can be of any type including PowerPoint presentations, PDFs and media files, not just Google docs.


Formstack is the form builder application that is available on all NewPath Consulting service plans. You can optimize many of your manual data collection processes and workflows with this powerful tool. You may want to start with the following features:

Calculating Fields

Have you wanted to sell your products and services on your website? Now you can do it with Formstack. With its calculating fields and integration with several payment gateways, it is just a matter of setting up an order form on Formstack to start selling anything you offer, right on your website, today.

Integrations: Highrise, Freshdesk, Google Calendar, Google Docs, Typepad

Formstack plays nicely with several other software we actively endorse at NewPath Consulting. If your subscription includes Highrise, Freshbooks, Google Calendar, Google Docs or Typepad, you can save a ton of time and automate tasks with the Formstack integration.

Learn more at the Formstack integrations website.

Approval Workflow

Would it help if you could automatically share data people fill out online with the appropriate people in your organization? For example, let's say you have several job openings from three different departments in your organization. You want to send the resumes to the correct recruiter from each department based on the position applied by the candidate. You can do that with Formstack's approval workflow feature. You can also easily send email notifications to anyone based on various rules you can setup in your form.


Freshbooks offers a professional invoicing system for small businesses of all types. Are you billing and invoicing in the best possible way? Find out if these features can help you:

Available on all devices

Freshbooks offers free iOS and Android apps so that you can bill anytime and anywhere. These apps also show all your outstanding invoices so that you stay on top of your game all the time.

Recurring invoices & auto-payment

If you sell a service or plan to develop one that requires recurring billing you're in luck. Freshbooks offers out of the box support to invoice your clients regularly and get paid automatically. This offers your clients great service while you're assured of a steady cash flow.

Send invoices by snail mail

Do you still need to service clients that require a printed invoice for processing? Freshbooks has baked this feature into their product. They'll send (for a small postage and handling fee) invoices to your clients via plain old snail mail. Your invoice will have your logo and handy return envelope stamped that can be sent back by your client with payment.


Callture telephony system is available to NewPath’s Gold plan clients. It offers some great features to relay a professional, big brand image to your clients and prospects. Here are some of its top features:


Have you set up your toll-free number to convey a big company image to your callers? You can also set up a vanity number like (888) 781-ALEX for better brandability of your phone numbers. NewPath Consulting uses Callture to accept toll free phone numbers and route calls appropriately.

Local Numbers

Many people love to do business locally. Tap this market with a local number even though you don't have an office in the target city. Use these numbers in your advertising for better results. You can forward calls to the toll free phone numbers to any number you want including cell phones and change the forwarding scheme any time you want.

Music-on Hold

You can announce your latest offers and usage tips while people are waiting to talk to you. Businesses generally play some music, which is a waste of caller's attention. Use this time to tell the different ways your callers can benefit using your products or services. You have callers on your line, make it worthwhile for them.

If you need help using the above features please contact us.

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