Mad Mimi – Letting the world know about your business

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Mad Mimi – Letting the world know about your business


Mad Mimi is a simple, intelligent and powerful email marketing app that anyone can use. Mad Mimi makes email marketing easy for the creator, and easier on the eyes for the receiver. Mad Mimi is the simplest way to create branded, well-designed newsletters and promotions.


Making Email Compelling

Simply put, email marketing is electronic word-of-mouth. If your message is interesting enough, it will be transmitted from one person to another, or shared through e-mail, social networks, blogs, and so forth. Think of how shocking or humorous TV ads get shared online. The key is to create interesting, consistent and beautiful emails your recipients look forward to getting from you!

Respecting your clients and prospects

Keeping your clients aware of new developments in your business is important. Reminding prospects about valuable offers can lead to new business. As you respect your audience and provide something of value, your business can benefit greatly from this inexpensive form of marketing. Remember, people are busy and it’s up to you to be proactive. Madmimi respects everyone who receives an email and allows you to design tasteful and professionals emails, delivered and customized for each recipient.

An introduction to email with Mad Mimi


A few getting started Mad Mimi videos

Statistics and Reporting in Mad Mimi
Our webinar with Mad Mimi


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