FreshBooks and FreshBooks Select – Getting paid on time and tracking cash flow effectively

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FreshBooks – Getting paid on time and tracking cash flow effectively

FAN Badge - ConsultantRunning a successful small business requires a focus of energy on the tasks that increase revenue or save costs. FreshBooks allows you to simplify and streamline administrative processes so you can spend more time on the tasks that increase revenue.

Save Time and Make More Money

FreshBooks online invoicing system saves you time and helps your company to collect payments faster. You can send invoices by email or have Freshbooks send physical invoices to your client for the cost of a postage stamp. Freshbooks will keep track of expenses and outstanding invoices and remind your clients of past-due invoices. You can set up auto-billing to automatically charge credit cards, collect online payments and keep track of who has paid.

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Manage subcontractors virtually

If your company depends on partners or subcontractors FreshBooks makes it super-easy to allow them to track time and invoice for a project so you can track your project and make sure you make the profit you intended to make. No more spreadsheets, emails and lost invoices. Freshbooks gets you paid faster and keeps cash flow positive! And if you are on the go, Freshbooks is available to run Freshbooks on your iPhone or iPad.


For growing businesses, FreshBooks Select

FreshBooks Select is designed exclusively for businesses that accept a lot of online payments. With simple tools, easy high volume invoice processing and fixed, low rates, your business will run better than ever before.


  • Lower transaction rates (less than 2.9%)
  • Advanced accounting integrations
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Bill 500+ active clients
  • Set payment schedules
  • Instantly charge credit cards
  • Recurring Payments
  • Instantly charge credit cards
  • Multi-currency billing



Here’s a few videos on using the new FreshBooks.



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