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NewPath Consulting specializes in helping organizations drive efficiency by eliminating complex manual processes, in favor of fully automated online systems. We’re a certified partner for Formstack, the best product available for creating powerful online forms, leading to a compelling and friendly experience for your staff and customers. We provide consulting and implementation services to new and existing Formstack customers through monthly care plans as well as individually scoped projects.

We’re pros at using conditional logic, data routing, and other features to get the best out of your forms. Our experience with a wide range of cloud-based systems facilitates configuration and deployment of Formstack integrations with Google Sheets, Stripe, PayPal, Dropbox, and other complementary applications.

With our training, data collection is a snap

You’re ready to promote events, run contests, sell products & services, and easily connect with customers. With NewPath’s guidance, you can quickly and easily use Formstack’s full-featured platform to merge data in a variety of document formats, including Microsoft Office and Adobe Acrobat PDF.


Formstack Consulting Packages

All packages include:


Formstack Starter Pack

USD$500 per original form page

  • Convert offline paper/PDF forms into automated, mobile-friendly Formstack forms
  • Add standard Formstack fields (including signature fields, conditional logic, form variables, and calculated fields)
  • Configure administrator notifications and end-user email confirmation
  • Set up automated submission exports 
  • Configure one standard Formstack integration and deploy into an existing website, including ecommerce integrations*

* Formstack at the Bronze tier only supports the ProPay integration.


Formstack Integrations Starter Pack

USD$1,500 per integration

  • Select one or more applicable standard Formstack integrations to address business requirements
  • Select and configure target integration systems
  • Configure and test integration and deploy into production
  • 1 month of Professional Care Plan


Formstack Documents Starter Pack

Starts at USD$1,500 per page

  • Selection and procurement of  Formstack Documents
  • Conversion of your Microsoft Office or PDF documents to be Formstack Documents-ready  
  • Add delivery routes to email or deposit documents in secure cloud storage destinations
  • Integration between your CRM, website, or data systems to create dynamic documents
  • 1 month of Professional Care Plan

Try our sample certificate generation tool built with Formstack Documents

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Affordable service plans let you manage your changing needs

Our Care Plans are designed to solve your challenges. We care about key factors that keep your site running in tip-top shape every day, including backups, updates, behind-the-scenes monitoring, and prompt and effective corrective action. In addition, we’ve got knowledgeable technical resources at the ready, so you’ll always receive rapid help or advice when you encounter issues, questions — or are just unsure of next steps. Learn more about Care Plans

Free 30 Minute Consultation


Formstack Webinar Series

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